Up Coming Goals

Up Coming Goals 2015 - 2025

  1. To Baptize and to disciple all of them which are lost and win 10,000 Holy Bibles in the Telugu language for free distribution among tribes.
  2. To reach some of the districts in the state of TELANGANA with the gospel of Jesus Christ to establish 100 churches and to appoint 100 pastors over there.
  3. To acquire at least 5 acres of land and to establish “the Tribal Baptist Center” with programming residential, training and retreat facilities.
  4. To have an offset printing press to intensify the ministries of the church by printing Gospel tracts, Christian literature, and to publish a regular church magazine for all.
  5. To take up socio-economical developmental programs to 5 districts of the Telangana state to start an orphanage a school and a health center for the uplift of the poor and least and to have a building for the orphan.
  6. To start and strengthen the ministries of “Prayer Tower”.
  7. To conduct pastor’s conference, youth retreat women and Sunday school rallies and public Revival meeting once in every year.